What Are The Benefits Of Using Acrylic Paints On Stucco Walls?

If you want to refresh your home's exterior stucco walls, then you should choose your paint carefully. You should look for products which work well with stucco surfaces.

Acrylic paint is a good option here. Why?

Acrylic Paints Have Better Permeability

When you paint a stucco wall, you have to think about how your paint will bond and react with the surface. If you make the wrong choice, then your paint might not give you effective coverage for long. It might start to show early signs of damage.

For example, regular masonry paints bond to the surface of a stucco wall. However, wet and damp weather conditions can allow moisture in behind the paint which might then start to bubble up. The paint won't have enough permeability to cope in these conditions.

Acrylic paints have better permeability. They don't just bond to stucco, they seep into its top layers. Your paint is less likely to bubble or crack because it becomes part of the stucco and is less affected by wet or damp conditions.

Acrylic Paints Are Lighter

Some people use rubberized elastomeric paints on stucco. However, this can be a problem if you've painted your walls in the past and will be adding a new layer of paint to them.

Elastomeric paints are relatively heavy. If you use this type of paint on a wall with a couple of previous coats on it, then your new paint might not fully bond with the surface.

In extreme cases, the paint will be too heavy for the underlying surface. It might pull previous coats off the wall leaving you with a significant repair job.

Acrylic paints are lightweight. With the right preparation, you can use on them on walls with multiple previous coats. They'll bond effectively but don't have the weight to damage the underlying surface.

Acrylic Paints Are More Protective

UV rays and water can damage some exterior paints. For example, if you use a regular masonry paint on your walls, then it might lose its color quickly in the sun. It will look dull and faded.

The paint might also become too brittle and crack if it gets a lot of sun exposure. This affects your home's cosmetic appearance; it can also damage your stucco. If a paint doesn't have full coverage, then your walls don't have UV or water protection.

Acrylic paints give your walls more protection. They hold their colors better. They also create an internal seal with the stucco on your walls. This seal reduces the risk of sun or water damage.

To find out more, talk to a company that provides home painting services.

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