5 Tips To Harmonize Pool Design And Your Home's Architecture

Your backyard swimming pool is a huge part of the landscape's overall aesthetic. So its design should harmonize with the look and feel of the house itself, enhancing its impact rather than taking away from it. How can you design a pool that will do that? Here are five key design and planning tips. 

1. Consider the Architecture. Many homes have a distinct architectural style. Is yours Cape Cod, modern, Victorian, Craftsman, or bungalow? Each architectural era is known for its unique traits. Use these as inspiration for your pool's design. For instance, an unadorned, minimalist Mid-Century modern house pairs with a minimalist pool. But a Victorian calls for a more elaborate style. 

2. Look at the Lines. Observe the lines, angles, and geometric shapes in the home's exterior near the pool. Does it feature long, clean lines? Many rectangular windows? A uniquely shaped deck? Any of these can help inform the shapes your pool should take. The low, flat shapes of a ranch-style home work well with long, low lines in a square or rectangular pool, for example. 

3. Add Some Contrast. You're not limited to matching the exact look and design of the house. Sometimes, contrast works even better. Georgian or Federal houses are often very stark, with bold lines and a minimalist look. Rather than doing the same with your pool, consider softening it with an oval or a rectangle with arches at the ends. 

4. Boost a Focal Point. An interesting or dominant feature of the home's façade can be a great inspiration for pool design. If your Mid-Century modern home features a courtyard, use it as a launching pad for a similarly shaped pool. And a large circular window in your Cape Cod house's exterior might look great with a circular pool as well. 

5. Remember Freeform. Don't overlook the value of designing something unique in your swimming pool. Freeform styles allow you to customize the shape, size, angle, and positioning to perfectly match the rest of the landscape. A freeform pool also creates a casual or rustic feeling — perfect for houses ranging from cottage and ranch to Mediterranean and Victorian styles. 

Where to Start

Today's homeowners have more options than ever before when it comes to pool design. Start finding the right one for your yard by meeting with an experienced pool designer in your area. With their expertise and these tips, you'll soon have the perfect backyard feature to enhance any property. 

For more information on swimming pool design, contact a professional near you.

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