Pros And Cons Of Wood Flooring

A room's flooring plays a large role in its interior design, so you want to pick the right floor material. You have a lot of choices available to you, but wood remains one of the most common options. Before picking your wood flooring, learn more about the pros and cons of wood flooring.

Pros of Wood Flooring


Wood flooring has beautiful coloring and patterns unmatched by synthetic replicas. Wood flooring goes well with a rustic country aesthetic, but it can sometimes also be incorporated into modern designs, too. You have multiple choices regarding coloring, such as light tan or dark cherry. Buy extra material to match the pattern when you need to make repairs in the future.

Hardwood's attractiveness makes it very popular with homebuyers.


Well-maintained wooden floors can last up to 30 years before requiring a new finish. You can sand away minor damage up to seven times before the wood starts to wear away. If you plan to stay in your home, you won't need to replace the floors for decades. 

Easy to Clean

Wood floors don't stain easily, especially dark wood. To clean wood, simply sweep daily and mop weekly. Avoid using overly harsh cleaning chemicals on the floor. You should also make a point to dry the material completely to avoid water damage.

Cons of Wood Flooring 

Susceptible to Water Damage

Wood becomes damaged by water easily. The water damage can lead to mold and eventually completely damage the wood to the point it needs to be replaced. Wood floors usually include a waterproof coating, but you will need to replace the coating over time.                                 


For both the material and the labor, expect to pay between $6–$18 per square foot for wood flooring. A 1000-square-foot house will total between $6000 - $18,000. Some homeowners use cheaper laminate flooring that looks like wood, but it never looks the same.

High Maintenance

Wood floors can prove high maintenance. While easy to clean, you need to clean them regularly. You also need to protect the material from water and UV rays. Still, the color may deteriorate over time, requiring a fresh finish every couple of years. Opt for coatings that include waterproofing and UV-ray protection.

If you have your heart set on wood flooring, you can achieve your goal. Don't skimp on the project, though. If you invest in great floors from the beginning, you will see a better return.

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