2 Reasons Why You Should Not Replace Your Home's Front Door Yourself

Whether your home's front door is old or has sustained damage, you may have decided that it is time to replace it with a newer, more secure one. Since the job seems as easy as removing the pins in the hinges and popping the new door in place, you may be thinking about simply buying the door and putting it in yourself.

However, replacing a door is not as easy as it looks, especially when it is an exterior entry door. Below are a couple of reasons why you should leave the door replacement to a professional instead of trying to do the task yourself.

1. Higher Risk of Damage to the Frame and New Door

One reason why you should not attempt to replace your home's front entry door yourself is that there is a higher risk of damage. Especially if you choose a heavy-duty steel security door, it will be much heavier than you think.

Because of its weight, there is a greater chance of dropping it while attempting to install it without knowledge of the proper technique or appropriate tools, which could cause dents or damage to the hinges. If either the old or replacement door shifts while positioning it, you could cause catastrophic damage to the door frame. A professional will have the tools and experience necessary to keep the door upright and in the proper position.

2. Increased Chance the Door Will Not Fit or Be Sealed Correctly

Another reason why you should rely on a professional instead of replacing the door yourself is that doing it yourself increases the chance of an improper fit. For a door to open and close properly, the fit must be exact, or it will snag and possibly be damaged during usage.

Also, if the door is not fitted and sealed properly, gaps will be left between it and the frame. These gaps will allow air to escape and drafts to occur, reducing your home's energy efficiency.

It will also create security issues because an ill-fitted door is easier to break into. Having a professional perform the replacement can help ensure that the door fits and is sealed correctly.

While replacing your home's front door may seem like a simple task, there is more involved than you realize. If done improperly, you could inadvertently damage the frame and new door. You may also leave gaps that will decrease your home's energy-efficiency rating and leave your house open to security issues. Instead of attempting to turn the job into a DIY project, contact a contractor who offers door replacement services to schedule a time to have them do it for you.  

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