Need More Space, Light, and Convenience? Timely Bathroom Remodeling Tips

If you own or have recently purchased an older home, the bathroom may not be as spacious, light-filled, or convenient to use as you would like it to be. While homes constructed in recent decades often have large, plush bathrooms that are inviting to use, older home designs often failed to devote enough square footage to do more than house a functional toilet, sink, and bathtub. Remodeling these older bathrooms can help increase their functionality and make them much more comfortable for the entire household to use.

Homeowners who are about to embark on this type of remodeling project with the goal of achieving the feeling of more space, light, and comfort may find the following tips helpful. 

Gaining space

When the current bathroom is so small that it feels cramped or offers little or no space for storing toiletries and linens, finding a way to add additional space should be one of the goals for the remodeling project. If the bathroom is located beside a bedroom or office, it may be possible to annex a bit of space by bumping the bathroom wall out a few feet as part of the remodeling project.

Homeowners who prefer to work within the original walls of the existing bathroom may still find additional space by switching an existing bathtub for a shower stall or by changing the size or location of sinks and counters. When adding space is a critical need, homeowners may also want to explore the use of shelving for storage and hooks or rods for hanging towels, robes, hair care appliances, and other items. 

Gaining light

A lack of light is another problem associated with older bathrooms that can be easily addressed during a remodeling project. Good ideas for increasing light quality and quantity include: 

  • Enlarging an existing window.
  • Removing window coverings and replacing them with an application of privacy film.
  • Replacing a ceiling light fixture with multiple recessed or can lights throughout the room.
  • Replacing harsh light fixtures over the sink with those that offer a softer, more pleasing lighting experience.

Additionally, homeowners should remember that choosing lighter colors for tile, paint, and flooring can also help to make the entire room seem lighter and more welcoming to use. 

Gaining convenience 

Improving the convenience level of the average bathroom can often be achieved through small changes during the remodeling project. For example, the addition of a pull-down shower bench and handheld shower faucet can make showering more convenient. To learn more about how a bathroom remodeling project can help increase the space, light, and convenience of your current space, take time to discuss your ideas with a reputable bathroom remodeling contractor in your area. 

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