Advantages Of A Design-Build Construction Approach

Design-build is a construction project delivery approach where the project owner works with one company to deliver design and construction services under one contract. This approach has three main characteristics:

  • Instantaneous communication. Communicating instantaneously speeds the construction process to meet the work plan goals.
  • No boundaries. The design-build approach eliminates the effects of geographical and physical boundaries on project timelines.
  • Customized products. The approach enables the quick production of customized construction products.

Overall, design-build puts a team of competent construction services together under one contract. This strategy forms a unified approach from the commencement to the end of your construction project. Here are the pros of a design-build approach.

Builds Teamwork

Design-build incorporates one contractor to perform the design and construction works which promotes teamwork. When challenges occur during the project, the stakeholders work together to develop solutions quickly. This streamlines the construction and enables the project to remain on schedule.

Boosts Efficiency

The design-build approach involves the same contractors from the project's start to end. This approach adds efficiency, as contractors know the exact project tasks and the number of workers they have. Hence, the contractors create viable work plans. Additionally, the existing harmony between contractors that know each other boosts productivity.

Promotes Accountability

When the construction designer handles the construction work, the company will pay more attention to the planning, costs, and scheduling. In return, you'll probably experience better results than when using the traditional approach of hiring various contractors. Therefore, you know who to hold accountable for the entire project. For instance, the contractor can submit a viable quotation eliminating the problems of shortages and delays.

Saves Time

Design-build offers a quick turnaround time for your construction project. That's due to the efficiency of work achieved when designers and builders work together. The collaboration allows for stakeholders to create common goals and help leaders with decision-making. Also, the approach saves time, as there's clear communication within the team. In return, project owners can save money.

Facilitates Owner Involvement

In the design-build construction approach, the owner offers one contract to the designer and builder. Hence, communication becomes easier as the owner deals with one party. Therefore, the project owner can become more involved in the project and contribute to major decision-making. In return, the owner can achieve the goals of the construction project within the given time.

Design-build saves time, promotes accountability, boosts efficiency, builds teamwork, and encourages owner involvement in the project. Consider this construction approach to enjoy these benefits.

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