Advantages Of The Design-Build Approach For Your Commercial Construction Project

Embarking on a commercial construction project is not the same as engaging in a residential construction project. Not only do commercial construction projects call for substantial financing, but they require intensive planning too. With that said, when you choose the conventional architectural approach, you may have to contend with significant project delays, more so if you have several teams working on this project.

Fortunately, you can avoid these delays by opting for the design-build approach. Unlike its traditional counterpart, this option facilitates a collaborative effort among everyone involved so you do not have to worry about the architect, designer, and construction manager being isolated from each other. Keep reading for some of the fascinating advantages of the design-build approach for your commercial construction project.

Structural and design issues will be resolved as they occur

One of the biggest drawbacks of the traditional construction approach is a lack of communication between key players of this project. As a result, there was an increased threat of design and structural problems going unnoticed until after the project is concluded. Hence, rectifying them would be an expensive endeavor. This is not an issue that you will have to worry about when you opt for the design-build approach for your commercial construction project.

With the design-build process, the construction contractors will be in continual communication with the architect and designer, which ensures that they remain on the same page throughout this project. For example, if an electrical system such as an HVAC system is installed without any prior consultation, it could be hard to access it in the finished commercial building. With the design-build approach, the electrician will take the insights of the builder, designer, and architect into account to help them determine the best place to install this system.

Each phase of the commercial construction project can be accounted for

The second major advantage of choosing the design-build approach over the traditional construction approach is the guaranteed accountability that you will be provided with. Traditional commercial construction, as stated earlier, would have the different professionals segregated so neither one knows what the others are doing. As a result, if something was to go wrong with the project, it can be difficult to assign blame as the various contractors can easily claim that they are not at fault.

Consequently, you become frustrated with no hope of getting a resolution. This is not the case with the design-build commercial construction approach. With this solution, you can rest assured that every professional is intricately involved with each phase of this project. Therefore, the construction contractor, architect, and designer will all know when they need to take accountability rather than shifting blame to others.

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