Timber Bridge Building And The Attractive Wood Designs For Your Property

When you need attractive solutions for the terrain of your property, timber could be the answer. There are a lot of options for timber bridges and details to add to the drive and access to your property. The following timber bridge building information will help you add these attractive wood features to the design of your property:

Different options for the design of timber bridges

There is a multitude of different timber bridge design options for your property. There are different bridge designs to choose from depending on the size and style of bridge you want. Here are some of the different timber bridge construction choices to consider for your project:

  • Steel construction with timber finishes
  • Engineer timber for specific structural engineering needs
  • Custom timber designs that are attractive and elegant

These timber bridge construction options are some of the choices to consider for the improvements to your property. There might be specific load needs for bridges and architectural design features that you want to add to the bridge construction. 

Open vs. cover timber bridge designs

The bridge can also be a simple open design, or it can be a covered bridge. Open designs are ideal for heavier construction that will support larger vehicles and heavy traffic. Cover bridge designs are more attractive architectural features to add to your property. You want to consider the needs of your property when choosing between open and covered timber bridge designs.

Timber lumber species and finishes

When it comes to timber bridge construction, there are also choices of the type of wood you can use. For more naturally durable construction, hardwood like oak is ideal for beams and heavy timber trusses. Finishes like siding and lattice can be built with pine and other more affordable lumber species. Any untreated timber materials will need to be stained and sealed regularly to protect them from weathering and ensure they last.

Timber guard-rails and additional features

The guard rails of your drive and bridge are also important features to consider. These guard rails can be installed anywhere there are hazards and elevations on your property. When installing the guard rails and additional features, ask about making the designs similar to the style of timber bridges you are having built to improve your property.

The timber bridges and features you add to your property can improve its appearance and design. Contact a timber bridge building company to start talking to them about these attractive features to improve your property.

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