When Do You Need Land Surveying Services?

Some people will go their entire lives without ever needing to make use of land surveying companies and the services they provide. Others may need them frequently through the course of their jobs and for various other reasons. The primary reasons people require land surveying services are when purchasing land or a home or for construction projects. Here's what you need to know about land surveying and what it could mean for you.

It's All About Land – And a Little More

Don't make the mistake of believing that land surveying is only about making sure the land is feasible for certain types of construction or home-building projects, or even that it's just about determining where your fence can legally go. Land surveying services help you understand where you can build your home.

This process is more important than the average person believes for that alone. Can you imagine the financial fallout if you built your home on someone else's land? It could be devastating. Even if just a corner of your home crosses the property line, the financial consequences can be significant.

This is why land surveying services are about a little more than just the land properties are built on. They are important components of the following when it comes to purchasing, building, or selling land:

  • Legal research.
  • Field surveying.
  • Maps and reports of things like easements, waterways on the property, encroachments, etc.
  • Zoning classifications.
  • Utility locations.
  • Settling boundary disputes.
  • Identifying property lines.
  • As part of the process of acquiring title insurance.

If you're purchasing a home with a mortgage, your mortgage company may require land surveying as part of the mortgage application process. Since the home is serving to secure the loan with these mortgage companies, they want as many details about the property as are available – and they want to identify potential problems or points of contention with neighbors about boundaries, easements, and other important details.

Your role during the land surveying process is important too. Your first responsibility is to choose qualified land surveying services. You should also attend the survey so you know what the surveying business discovers in the process and make a list of questions to ask to follow up on the results of the survey.

You may only need to experience the land surveying process once in your life. Or you may need to frequently go through land surveys as part of your industry or career. The better you understand the process when you do, the better able you are to use those results wisely.

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