2 Best Types Of Gutters To Use On A Historic Home

If you live in a historic home, you need to carefully choose all the building materials that you use. You want to use gutter material that will fit in the rest of your historic home. When it comes to choosing the type of gutter material you use on your historic home, there are two styles that work well on historic homes.

Type #1: K-Style Gutters

First, there are the K-style gutters. K-style gutters have been around for decades and, for a long time, were one of the most popular styles of gutters. Even today, K-style gutters are often the default style installed on homes.

With a k-style gutter, the side of the gutter that rests against the home is flat. The gutter has a flat bottom. The side of the gutter looks like crown molding, which is why k-style gutters are often a good choice for a historic home, as they look visually appealing.

K-style gutters come in various materials. The three most popular materials are vinyl, copper, and aluminum. Vinyl k-style gutters are the most affordable but have the shortest lifespan.  Aluminum k-style gutters cost a little more than vinyl but are still affordable and last a little longer. Copper k-style gutters can last for decades and are often used on historic homes due to their color and appearance.

Type #2: Half-Round Gutters

Second, there are half-round gutters. Half-round gutters are round like a pipe that has been cut in half. The rounded shape of the gutters allows water to easily flow through the gutters. Half-round gutters have either a single or double bead. A single-bead is taller in the back, and a double-bead is the same size.

Half-round gutters work well with a variety of different styles of historic homes. Half-round gutters are often used on Spanish, Victorian, Vernacular, Mission, and Gothic Revival historic homes.

Half-round gutters have been around for over a century and are generally made from metal. Copper is the most commonly used material on historic homes, in large part because it can last for decades. Zinc is another popular material as it doesn't corrode. Both galvalume steel gutters and galvanized steel gutters are other reliable half-round gutters.

When it comes to a historic home, you want to choose a gutter style that would have been used on a historic home. Both k-style gutters and half-round gutters have been around for decades and look good on historic homes. Consult with your contractor to figure out what style of gutter installation will look best on your historic home.

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