The Travelers Guide To Airstream Renovations With Modern Features And A Classic Design Style

If you are an avid traveler that likes to go on road trips, having the right RV is essential. There are many options for modern RVs, but there is nothing like the classic style of an Airstream. Therefore, you may want to consider restoring an RV that has been sitting for years. The following travel guide to restoring Airstream RVs will help you get the perfect solution for your road trips:

Carefully Removing Material in the Interior of Your RV And Saving Retro Materials That You Want to Reuse

To start with your RV renovations, you will want to remove all the materials inside. Take out the plumbing, cabinets, wall finishes, and furniture. When you are removing finishes and hardware, try to save the retro designs that are still in good condition. Some of these materials can be restored and reinstalled in your RV at the end of the restoration to preserve some of the classic design.

Wiring, Plumbing and Mechanical Upgrades to Install Before Refinishing the Classic Airstream Interior

One of the areas where you will want to invest in all-new materials is the mechanical systems. This should start by installing new water and wastewater tanks, as well as new plumbing. You will also want to upgrade your RV with features like modern cellular and communications systems when you are rewiring it. In addition, you may want to add an AC and renewable energy like a solar membrane on the roof.

Start with A Base of Lightweight Synthetic Wall and Ceiling Panel Finishes to Build Off Of

When you get ready to finish the interior and install new paneling, use lighter synthetic materials. These are going to be lighter for more efficient traveling and be the base that you will install cabinets, furniture, and finishes on. If you need support for features, install the support to the frame of the RV before covering it with paneling.

Adding A Touch of Classic Style with New Wood Veneers to Finish Cabinets and Add Details to The Interior of Your RV

Today, there are many different wood veneers that you can get from building suppliers, hardware stores, and RV restoration services. If you want to preserve some of the classic styles in your RV, you can use these veneers to create attractive wood finishes and details.

Restoring the Retro Fittings, Hardware and Other Materials That Need to Be Reinstalled in Your Airstream

The retro materials that you removed from your RV will need to be restored and then reinstalled in your RV. Try cleaning and polishing materials that are just a little faded or stained. If there are materials that need to be refinished, talk to an RV restoration service about options to restore the finishes before installing the retro materials back in your RV.

These are some of the things you will want to know about restoring your RV with modern features that preserve the classic style. If you are ready to start building the perfect RV for your road trips, contact an Airstream renovation service to get help planning your project with all the features you need for the road. 

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